EDU 300 Class Sessions Outline



MODULES (subject to change)

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1: Welcome, Introductions, Syllabus, Assignments

2: Orientation: Basic of Computing, Internet

3: Educational Theory: Educational Technology Defined: Group Work

4: Educational Theory: Assessing The Learner: T-CAP

6: Application: Multimedia: web-based

Internet Tutorial Sites: review these sites designed for people new to the Internet as well as experienced users.

Web Site Design: explore the graphics libraries.

Multimedia on the Web: review these sites. If you are using the Internet from home, download and install the Plug-in software.


5: Application: Presentation Software: PowerPoint

6: Application: Multimedia: web-based (continued)

7: Educational Theory: Visual Literacy

25: Educational Theory: History of Computing & the Internet

Multimedia on the Web: review these sites. If you are using the Internet from home, download and install the Plug-in software.

Useful Sites: explore the wide variety of personal and professional resources on this site.


8: Application: Composer

9: Application: Digital Imaging review "about learning" section on various learning theories.

Searching the Internet: review the tutorial sites and try various search engines.


8: Application: Composer (continued)

10: Educational Theory: Learning Theories

11: Application: Searching the Web

Teacher Sites: review various teacher resources sites for lesson planning ideas.


8: Application: Composer (continued)

12: Educational Theory: The Standards Movement

13: Instructional Design Resource on the Internet

Filtering Software: review the sites listed.


14: Application: Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design: Publisher, Appleworks

15: Application: Instant Lesson Design (Desktop Publishing & the Web)

16: Educational Theory: Personal Safety on the Internet

Evaluating Web Sites: review the criteria for evaluation.


17: Educational Theory: Technology- Curriculum Integration

18: Application: Evaluation of Online Resources

19: Application: Spreadsheets

Children's Sites: explore kids' sites and search engines.


21: Educational Theory: Ethics & Academic Integrity in the Digital World

20: Application: Databases

Disabilities: review these web sites for information on assistive technologies

All-Tech review this web site


22: Educational Theory: Assistive Technology for Special Learners

Cable in the Classroom online review.


23: Application: Video in the Classroom

Learning Software: review these sites and online catalogs of software publishers.


24: Application: Educational Software

Prepare for Final Project Presentation (complete self-evaluation in advance)


Final Project Presentations & Course Evaluation