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Internet Science and Technology Fair
The Internet Science and Technology Fair is a real world science program designed to encourage teams of students and their teachers to explore Internet information resources and collaborate via e-mail with scientists and engineers.

AskERIC is federally funded national information system that provides a variety of education-related materials. It includes a Virtual Library of more than 700 subject-specific lesson plans and a Question and Answer service for educators. 

Busy Teachers' WebSite K-12
This site provides teachers with direct source materials, lesson plans, and classroom activities, with a minimum of site-to-site linking. The site is organized alphabetically by subject area. 

Classroom Connect
Classroom Connect offers a searchable database of recommended Internet sites, a list of schools with sites on the World Wide Web, information on conferences and educational software, and a database for contacting other educators online. 

Education World
Sponsored by American Fidelity, this site provides an educational search engine for the World Wide Web, resources for lesson plans and curriculum, education news, and a set of detailed links on topics relevant to education. 

EDTECH Discussion List
EdTech is a moderated listserv discussion for educators interested in technology and learning. Topics of discussion include computer troubleshooting tips, recommended articles and books, and information about conferences and events. 

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ExploraNet is a collection of online exhibits created by the Exploratorium, a museum of science, art, and human perception. It emphasizes interactive, hands-on exhibits, including, for example, a virtual dissection of a cow's eye and an exploration of light and shadow. Be sure to visit the Learning Studio and Teacher Institute for additional resources. 

Explorer is a searchable database of educational resources such as instructional software, laboratory activities, lesson plans, and student-created materials for K-12 mathematics and science education. 

Teacher Talk
Teacher Talk is a registered discussion area for teachers; it includes forums and a service that allows you to manage schedules, assignments, and class rosters within your classroom. 

Teacher's Edition Online
This weekly publication provides lesson plans, a bulletin board for teachers to connect with one another, tips on classroom management and organization, and quick classroom activities. 

This site focuses primarily on schools that produce Web pages. It contains an extensive database of school Web pages and includes basic technology information for teachers, such as instructions for setting up a classroom Internet server. 

wNetSchool, Thirteen/WNET's practical service for K-12 educators, is designed by teachers for teachers. The site, which requires registration, is updated monthly and offers original Web-based lesson plans, in-depth Web site reviews, software samples, and additional resources designed to foster an online education-based community.

Quest is the site of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Internet initiatives to connect K-12 classrooms with NASA experts. The site provides access to online interactive projects and virtual conferences. 

Smithsonian Education
This page, part of the Smithsonian Institution's Web site, serves teachers and students as well as others interested in museum-related education. Tours, outreach programs, publications, and lesson plans in the areas of art, language arts, science, and social studies are offered.

The United Nations CyberSchoolBus
The United Nations CyberSchoolBus offers a wealth of projects, activities and teaching resources designed to engage as well as inform, providing teachers and students with the materials they need to learn about world wide concerns. The CyberSchoolBus offers online education from a truly global point of view and is available in three languages.

GEM: The Gateway to Educational Materials
This site, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education's National Library of Education, is a consortium effort to provide the nation's teachers with one-stop access to the substantial, uncatalogued collections of Internet-based educational materials available on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites. 

The Geometry Center
The Geometry Center focuses on collaborative mathematics and computer science research, mathematical visualization, software development, video animation production, and K-12 mathematics education. This graphics-rich site demonstrates several interactive Web mathematics manipulation programs that can help students visualize principles of geometry. 

Global SchoolNet Foundation
The Global SchoolNet Foundation (GSN) is a non-profit corporation devoted to supporting Internet-based learning. GSN collaborates with individuals, schools, businesses and community organization to design, develop, and manage hundreds of collaborative learning projects each year. 

Intel in Education
This site provides educators with information and services for teaching science, math, and technology and for using computers in the classroom. In the K-12 resources section, teachers can order the kit called "The Journey Inside: The Computer," which will help demystify computers and teach students the science behind them.

JASON Project
The JASON Project sponsors an annual scientific expedition focusing on curriculum development for grades four through eight. Students can take part in live, interactive programs that are broadcast using state-of-the-art technology to a network of educational, research, and cultural institutions. This site provides information on expeditions, a page for students to connect with each other, and a teacher's guide with broadcast dates and curriculum tips. 

Kids Can Learn!
This site provides research and readings for parents and teachers on a variety of education-related issues.

American Memory- Library of Congress
The Library of Congress created this site to help educators use the American Memory historical collections in the classroom. The site offers guides to library collections, lesson ideas, and online activities for students. 

McREL Internet Connections
The Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL) is a nonprofit organization that provides technical assistance, research and evaluation support, training, and information services to education clients in all 50 states and in 20 different countries. The site includes an archive of lesson plans and activities that utilize national standards. 

Microsoft in Education
This site provides administrators, technology coordinators, educators, parents, and students with up-to-date information on Microsoft's education products and services. 

The New York Times Learning Network
Building on news and archives from the New York Times, the Learning Network connects teachers of grades 6-12, their students, and parents to a comprehensive news and education resource. It includes daily lesson plans, quizzes, and opportunities to talk with the Times' reporters.


The Odyssey: World Trek for Service and Education
In this program, your students can travel via Internet to 10 major non-Western historical and cultural sites. Along with the Odyssey team, your class will learn about global cultures while exploring service-oriented ways of bringing about positive change in the world. The Odyssey itinerary ties directly into national education standards. 

Teachers Helping Teachers
This Web site, created by teachers for teachers, provides lesson plans and teaching ideas organized by discipline, a free teacher chat area, and links to educational resources on the Internet. 

United States Department of Education
The official site of the U.S. Department of Education offers a broad range of information relevant to education in the United States, including explanations of financial aid programs for students and descriptions of federal initiatives. 


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